Rocky Grams

Rocky Grams


Argentina is the second largest nation in South America. Its population of approximately 37 million is diverse, with about 85 percent being of European descent. At one time, Argentina was the most prosperous, educated, and industrialized nation in South America. In recent years the government has had to pursue harsh economic measures to combat spiraling inflation. Despite the people’s spiritual aloofness of decades, God has sent a mighty revival to Argentina in recent years. Hundreds of thousands have accepted Christ and the urgent need has been discipling and training-to retain the tremendous harvest.
Rocky Grams grew up on the mission field. He spent 16 years in Bolivia ministering alongside his parents, assisting in planting churches in the high Andes Mountains, distributing Literature, ministering to youth, and teaching music and Spanish at a Bible School for Aymara Indians.
Rocky and his wife, Sherry, met at North Central Bible College. They have served as missionaries to Argentina since 1979 and have seen a dynamic response to the gospel. Rocky has directed the Instituto Biblico Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires, and Sherry has served as teacher and counselor. The Bible School has an enrollment of 314 resident students and 254 part-time students on Saturdays.
The school has over 1,300 graduates ministering all over Argentina and in 20 different countries of the world. Of the 167 foreign missionaries sent out by the Argentine Assemblies of God, 53 are alumni of River Plate Bible Institute.
The Grams sense a tremendous urgency to help provide training for the hundreds of young people who are feeling the call to ministry


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